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I'll give myself a quota for no more than one rant a month. However, one of my pet peeves is

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Are you using 9i/10G and still implement optimistic locking with your own column rather than through Oracle's pseudo column? So

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Reading this post about why the average Oracle IT worker doesn't read blogs got me thinking. Does the average IT

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Both Gary and Philip postd working versions. Gary's didn't work for me when I had the same letter more than

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While maybe a pretentious title, I've always enjoyed getting and giving what I call SQL Challenges. It is basically a

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I don't know of a better name for this feature. I think this name descibes the function well, even if

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Instead of having to look at your different alert logs for ORA-00600 errors frequently, why not have them come to

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Time to expand on the last post. As promised this will be about how to get the ORA-00600 information out

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I'm going to discuss how to get SQL access to your alert log in this entry. I will then build

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