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Reading this post about why the average Oracle IT worker doesn’t read blogs got me thinking. Does the average IT worker read blogs? I’m not sure. In what I have observed, it is something a segment does. I’d contend that the average blog reader is more advanced and more thirsty for more knowledge that the average person in the same field. I think it is also something the more internet aware do. Everyone knows about the internet, but how many non blog readers can explain the technologies involved? I have a feeling that most that can are on the blogosphere as readers today.

This is not to say that there aren’t really good Oracle Specialists (or IT Specialists for that matter) that doesn’t read blogs at all. Some has never looked at newsreaders and stay away because they don’t want the hassle of learning one more product, other feel it is a waste of time as most blogs are useless to them, yet others feel that there are good blogs – but they are too hard to find.

I think most will improve and learn interesting things if they start reading blogs, I know I have learned many things I’d never have thought of or heard about if it weren’t for blogs. Participating on and reading the best blogs is like an informal study group where you can opt in to learn about the subjects you are interested in.

I think it is that some like reading and learning small segments, while others are happy just doing what they know and hopefully hitting the Oracle docs from time to time when they get stuck. It may be similar to how it is natural for some to look up concepts and syntax in the documentation while others try to avoid the documentation like the plague. Maybe most blog readers are among those who like to read the documentation to learn more. There is a difference between looking things up because you have to and enjoying it because may always learn something new.

What do you think? Is this an awareness issue or is this just one of those things where some people will never learn to like the blog format for their reading and learning?


  1. M.Moore

    I’d have to pretty much agree with your assessment of the situation. I don’t think it stops at blogs though. It also applies to manuals and books or any extra effort to become better at what they do. I don’t understand this type of personality.

  2. Mathias

    I agree to some extent with you Michael. Some people are just not interested enough to spend time on top of a demanding job. While I think it would help everyone to read blogs, I’m also saying that I don’t think everyone can be motivated to do so. If you have a passion, you will want to learn more about it, but if you don’t have a passion for it – you may not want to spend your limited time off reading more about it.

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