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Graph is included in the DB – just the DB?

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesQuite a few releases ago in 12c the new that the Graph and Spatial option was now included with the database license. Pretty neat, more stuff included is always nice. So in the database we can use the feature and even run queries against it. But then waht, we get a result back showing all the connections in a graph with data that does not conform to relational modelling. To understand it one has to view it graphically, or […]

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Tuning a packaged solution using OCI-drivers

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesWe’ve all been there. You have an application bought from some vendor that has less than adequate knowledge about the Oracle Database. The solution underperforms even though the SQL itself looks OK. You dig into it and it turns out the solution retrieves a lot of data but each fetch gets too few rows from the database and thus the latency of getting more data is 99% of the time it takes. The result is of course that there […]

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Looking for AI? You already have it!

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThese days I meet many people who talk about how they have a project to find an AI-plattform to use on-premises. Using it in the cloud on Autonomous it is pretty obvious that you use one in a handful of AI-services Oracle has at your disposal there. The question is what you should use to build AI-services on the data in your on-prem Oracle database. You don’t need to get anything. This blog post assumes you have an Oracle […]

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Ignoring errors on “alter session set”

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThis tip is especially useful when migrating to autonomous. The reason is that to enable the magic of the the autonomous database there are things that cannot be done. One such thing is that there are a lot of session settings you cannot use. To see what APIs you can no longer use you can look at the documentation. If you look at alter session there are a number of “alter session set …” that are available. But many […]

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EZ Connect Plus

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesSometimes new things that are really useful show up in new versions and you can miss it if you’r not paying close attention. EZ Connect Plus is one such feature for me. You may think it is not new and that it has been there for a long time. You’d be correct EZ Connect is not new, but the Plus moniker is. In version 19 that was added. I never noticed and then I was looking for how to […]


Reading data in the IG

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThis turned into a miniseries. First it was about focusing on a cell and then on entering the cell in edit mode, but I figure there is a related thing one might want to do. You could want to read the data in a cell once the Interactive Grid (IG) has been loaded. Maybe you need it for some other processing or you want to present something in the IG also in another region. Say that you show the […]

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Access Base DB from your PC

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesA recent post talked about setting up a Base DB Service in OCI and finished with logging into the OS of the srvice and there connecting to the DB. What we often want to do is to be able to connect to it directly from our own computer to use the tools and workflow we have in place. This post is about how to set that up. First you head back into OCI and look at the properties of […]


Entering edit in a cell on pageload

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesI recently wrote about how you set focus on a certain cell in an interactive grid. As often is the case, a solution may work well in many cases but there are some cases where something additional is needed. Say that getting one cell in an interactive grid is what you of want, but some cases are so obvious that the user would want to edit a certain cell once the grid is loaded with data. In this case […]

Oracle, Oracle Cloud

Creating an Oracle Base DB service

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesYou may already have one or two free autonomous databases at OCI. Why then would you want a lower tier database offering, a database that is not autonomous? It turns out there are many reasons why you may want this. No matter what your reason is, setting it up is pretty easy. One thing before you start though, you canot stop it to stop spending money. You have to then terminate the service and later recreate it if you […]


Focusing on a specific cell in an interactive grid

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesWhen an interactive grid is populated with data, most of the time the default setup is great. But for certain applications you know that the user will want to have a certain cell on a certain row in the grid being in focus. Sure you can leave it and just let the user click on it every time. It’s not like a single click is very hard. But helping them be the most productive they can is what most […]