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23ai Select without FROM

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesNow that Oracle DB 23ai has been GA for a while I figure it is time to dig into it and talk about the features för DBA and developers that I find most interesting to talk about. Yes, you’ve read about some of them as info has seeped out during the beta-test and and pre-GA. I however think most people are only looking at it when it is GA as that is when they start looking at when and […]

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Access Base DB from your PC

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesA recent post talked about setting up a Base DB Service in OCI and finished with logging into the OS of the srvice and there connecting to the DB. What we often want to do is to be able to connect to it directly from our own computer to use the tools and workflow we have in place. This post is about how to set that up. First you head back into OCI and look at the properties of […]

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Grabbing sql_id for the SQL

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesI read Daniel’s recent blog about five ways to grab the sql_id and remembered reading Connor’s about getting it before you run a SQL. At the time it hit me that one ought to be able to use this to simplify the workflow. Often we run a SQL and then use some marker – typically in the form of a comment in the SQL – to look up the sql_id to then use for other lookups. It would of […]


SQLcl is turning into a Swiss knife

TweetShareSharePin0 Sharesather it has been happening for a long time. I just did not pay attention of just how useful it had become. The tool has long been the preferred TUI/CUI (Text-based user interface / Command line User Interface) for SQL and PL/SQL. Not only has the tool added a lot of nice features, just see my last blog post for an example, it also allows for scripting to make it even more compelling. Today it is also how you […]


Custom properties in SQLcl – The Easy Way

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesIn my last post I wrote about how one can set properties in an array in Linux script before launching SQLcl to make it set them at Java properties. That makes them available as properties so it can be used by Liquibase for the properties you tend to set in the CLI-call or in Liquibase.properties. It works great and solves the problem. After the post was published I tweeted it and asked the master himself – Kris Rice – […]