Custom properties in SQLcl – The Easy Way

In my last post I wrote about how one can set properties in an array in Linux script before launching SQLcl to make it set them at Java properties. That makes them available as properties so it can be used by Liquibase for the properties you tend to set in the CLI-call or in Liquibase.properties. It works great and solves the problem.

After the post was published I tweeted it and asked the master himself – Kris Rice – if there is a better way to do it.

Ask and you shall receive. You can set them directly in SQLcl or in a script you run with @filename before you run your liquibase update. It does not seem to be in the documentation but it has apparently been in the product for a long time.

This is great and it makes switching to SQLcl for liquibase much easier when you have an existing scriptbase.

Speaking of SQLcl, you want to use it an play with it. It is turning into a great piece for all kinds of work in an ORacle environment, no matter if it is on-prem, in the cloud or on you local machine. More on that in coming posts, but it is much more than a SQL/PL*SQL interface to the database today.


  1. Brian Shaver

    This is awesome! I can’t believe this feature is not documented, but thank you. I’ve been searching all over for the best way to do this.

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