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Graph is included in the DB – just the DB?

Quite a few releases ago in 12c the new that the Graph and Spatial option was now included with the database license. Pretty neat, more stuff included is always nice.

So in the database we can use the feature and even run queries against it. But then waht, we get a result back showing all the connections in a graph with data that does not conform to relational modelling. To understand it one has to view it graphically, or it is at least typically the preferred way.

In the cloud there is the Graph Studio included with the autonomous database. On-prem there is a Greap Server software. Graphs PGQL and so fort has not in the past been areas I’ve had to fortune to get to look closer at, but I have every now and the inquired about the license status. I’ve never gotten a response beyond “we’ll look inte it and get back to you”.

It turns out you can get a quick response if you just know who to ask. When I get stuck I turn to my friends in the ACE community. In this case Heli, who knew to bounce the question to Hans Viehmann. It turns out that too is included in the license.

Why wouldn’t you just look at Oracles web site? Oh, I tried. Time after time. It is very clear on Graph and Spatial being included with the database. It is less clear on what else may be included except from the features in the database itself.

To grab the software you can use for this, just head to the download section on

The package includes these components:

  • Oracle Graph Webapps
  • Oracle Graph Client
  • Oracle Graph Server
  • Oracle Graph PGQL Plugin for SQLcl
  • Oracle Graph Visualization Library

The server is just that the server software making all the rest possible. Webapps is the webbased viaualization application. The client allows making rest calls to the server. The plugin for SQLcl allows it to run PGQL queries. The visualization library allows using JAvaScript to display graphs in other application.

I’ve not gotten further in my setup than to get the graph server & web apps running in Docker on ARM. But more on that in an upcoming post + a bonus feature not included in the download above, but we save that too for another post before this drags on for too long.

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