Graph server on ARM – a couple of findings

Having installed this on my mac I ran into a few things worth pointing out for others.

The software download will pull down a zip-file named x86 instead of the expected aarch64. That seems wrong so I try again. I made numerous attempts in different ways to get it to download a file named for the architecture I wanted.

Finally giving up and wondering if it could be due to the contents being the same for both. It is, even for ARM you get an x86 package but the contents is the same.

This leads to a couple of issues, the first being that the rpm install will flag it for being for the wrong architecture. To get around that you provide a parameter –ignorearch to turn off checking the architecture. Here is the command I used.

rpm -ivh --ignorearch /tmp/oracle-graph-${VERSION_OPG}.x86_64.rpm

Then the next trouble I encountered with this is that the csv for the bank_txn example data assumes it to be deployed on windows. SQL Loader did not like the lines ending with hex 0A0D when it runs in a linux world. I presume this issue occurs even on x86_64 but at least Oracle on ARM was unhappy. There are many ways to convert it to *nix way of ending lines in files. I opted for this

vi bank_edges_amt.csv -c "set ff=unix" -c ":wq"

I think that are the issues I encountered that I attribute to installing on ARM.

I did my installation in a Docker container based on oraclelinux:8-slim for anyone interested. A post on that is on it’s way if anyone want to do that.

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