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Two good posts that are related

I like when a blog I follow links to a blogpost I have already seen and that I thought was a gem. I used to happen quite frequently when Cathy Sierras blog was active, but it still happens. The reason it is nice is that I like it is that if the first post was really good, you can almost guarantee that I will like the next writer I follow that discusses the same thing.

This week it was Seth Godin who wrote about deadlines and why they work even if you set them for yourself. They have to be set publicly, but they do work. I have recently had a couple of discussions at work around it and this blogpost summarizes it and adds a few more points. I enjoyed the fact that someone else has found the same effect on having to set deadlines for themselves.

The post that referred to it was Tom Kyte’s where he talks about finishing up his new book by starting to give Seth’s blog praise and talk about finding that he is not the only one deadlines work for. One post that both discusses Seth’s blog and gives us the news that Toms new book will indeed find its way to the bookshelves one day is a blog post to celebrate.

Deadlines do work and no you are not special, they work the same way for everyone. If you do not set one and tell someone else about it, you are likely to not be done until after the original deadline you set.

Go set yourself a deadline today for something you really want to achieve/complete.

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