Bug in oracledb python with wallet – DPI-1032

If you are working with Python and using the oracledb driver you may suddenly encounter DPI -1032 – “user name and password cannot be set when using external authentication”. The issue is with using a wallet for authentication.

I encountered it on a server where the version of the oracedb-driver had been slightly upgraded. It was developed and working fine on oraceldb 1.2.2. On 1.3.0 I could ot get it to work. Upgrading to 1.3.2 got it back in working order.

A typical connection with a wallet in python will look a something like this.

connection = oracledb.connect(externalauth=True,dsn=mydsn) 

I had trouble finding a post where someone else had had this issue with this specific version, so I figure a short blog on it for my own and possibly other benefit may be worthwhile.

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