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Commit and snapshot too old

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThe dreaded ORA-01455 hits again. Snapshot to old is easy to understand, but not always easy to fix. In this article I’ll show how the misbehaving process may actually be the process that receives the error. Snapshot too old is the problem we encounter if the block you need to access cannot be found. This doesn’t mean that the block has been misplaced by the database, but rather that the version of it that you need is no longer […]

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Commit frequency and Undo

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesToo frequent commits can lead to performance problems, but can it also affect how much undo the updates generate? The fact that very frequent committing causes performance problems has been noticed by almost every Oracle developer with even just a couple of months experience with the Oracle database. However, if commit can increase I/O requests issued by the database, then this would also impact the performance of other processes. With Oracle, that can be done in many ways, but […]