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Learning SQL at an early age

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesPete Finnegan blogged about becoming a dad a few days back and Gary Myers followed up with his version of an SQL Primer for a toddler. This got me thinking of how the child subjected to this may react . As having SQL read out loud even with pictures from the result set may not really be all that enjoyable for a new born or even at four years of age, maybe the first reaction would be. After a […]

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The WITH clause

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesTo mix the last post with something that may be easier to digest, I’ll make this one about one of my favorite keywords in SQL. It is the WITH clause. I can only think of one bad thing with it; it’s name. It’s virtually impossible to search for information on something with a name that results in over 4 billion hits on a Google search. One reason for why I like it is for how I learned about it’s […]

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Commit frequency and Undo

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesToo frequent commits can lead to performance problems, but can it also affect how much undo the updates generate? The fact that very frequent committing causes performance problems has been noticed by almost every Oracle developer with even just a couple of months experience with the Oracle database. However, if commit can increase I/O requests issued by the database, then this would also impact the performance of other processes. With Oracle, that can be done in many ways, but […]



TweetShareSharePin0 SharesIt’s time to start a blog and write down some ideas, findings, and general commentary about development with the Oracle database. This blog will be a place where I write about things related to Oracle development and performance that interests me. I have been a DBA for longer than I really want to admit as that leads to the conclusion that I’m a middle aged man today. When I started in this industry, I used to feel that the […]