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ORDS REST services work but APEX does not

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThis is an odd situation, most people are probably struggling more with getting REST to work than to get installed APEX to come up with the login. I encountered an odd situation recently where REST worked, SQL Developer Web worked but APEX did not. Many attempts to install and uninstall ORDS and we were still at the same situation. The error message we got was along the lines of “connection pool is a template pool”. Eventually I noticed that […]


Can table security be circumvented with a view? (Bug for peer review)

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesMy collegue Daniel Ekberg (@dan_ekb) stumbled on a very strange issue the other day. After having tested it in three separate environments and on both 10g and 11g ( and we have resigned to believing that this may actually be a bug. If it is, it is a LARGE one. Essentially we can perform insert, update, and delete on a table on which we have only been given select rights. Yes, it sounds as if it really wouldn’t […]