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Finally, ODT shows some love for case

ODT – Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code – is not getting enough love online. It has become a wonderful tool. For me it is starting to replace SQL Developer in part of my workflow, especially adhoc queries and file-based work.

What had me not using it for a long time was that it defaulted everything to upper case with intellisense. A recent upgrade changed that.

Yes, converting text to lower or upper is a breeze in Visual Code, Just go “Transform to Lowercase” and you are done. But it breaks my flow while writing code to do so repeatedly and letting it be upper case until I’m done with the code pulls me out of my zone even more.

But now it is as easy as selecting values in a couple of drop down menus and then you can forget about upper case forever.

Go into settings in Visual Code (ctrl+, / cmd+,) and search for “oracle intellisense”.

Intellisense settings in Visual Code

Assuming you have the ODT extension installed you’ll see the above settings. Make sure intellisense is enabled and select lowercase in the two drop downs. Close settings and now all intellisense is lowercase, even the popup selections shows it in lower case with this set.

Happy coding!

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