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Create and terminate DB from Visual Code

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesWe saw earlier how easy it is to start and stop autonomous databases from Visual Code. Now we’ll use ODT (Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio Code) to create a new, access it and then toss it. First if you do not have a cloud environment or set up ODT for it, take a look at Oracle Tools Is Great, Start ATP With A Click to get the basic configuration up. Here we’re starting from the point where you […]

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Finally, ODT shows some love for case

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesODT – Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code – is not getting enough love online. It has become a wonderful tool. For me it is starting to replace SQL Developer in part of my workflow, especially adhoc queries and file-based work. What had me not using it for a long time was that it defaulted everything to upper case with intellisense. A recent upgrade changed that. Yes, converting text to lower or upper is a breeze in Visual Code, […]

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Oracle Tools Is Great, Start ATP With A Click

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesSometimes you’ve looked briefly at a product and when you return a couple of years later it is like opening a kinder egg. All sorts of new impressive things show up and you are left to wonder “are these old and I missed them or have they been added”. Oracle Developer Tools extension for Visual Code is one such product. I’ve looked at it before and have always had it installed, but have not looked at what it can […]

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Moving or starting with Visual Code

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesIf you live your life in an editor writing code or configuration files, you need Visual Code in your life. Yes it is a Microsoft product and possibly surprising to use in environments that are not heavy on Microsoft or even using Windows operating system. But the truth is that it may well be the best thing to ever come out of Microsoft. If you read that as a diss of Microsoft, you do not appreciate how much I […]