Pro Oracle Application Express Sample Spreadsheet

The excellent book Pro Oracle Application Express book by John Scott builds an application through the book and it starts with a sample spreadsheet showing a set of reported bugs. I was not able to find a downloadable version of this so I created it. Not much work and very easy to do, but also not very enjoyable.

Since I created it with google docs it is easy to share it, so I figured I’d post a link here that I can refer to in the future when someone asks for it. You can find it here. Just choose file->export and export it as a csv file. You can then use this to create the application the book starts with and modifies.

Post corrections here so I can update the document for future readers of the book.

If you like APEX and you have not yet bought this book, you should buy it today. It is very good and very well written.


  1. Graham Bailey

    Thanks for that Mathias. I saved me some typing there but, more importantly, I was confused about where the Buglist application came from and you cleared that up for me. It would have been nice to have it available as a download from the Apress website.

  2. Graham Bailey

    Should have read “you saved me some typing”…

  3. Graham,
    Thank you for your comment. I agree that knowing where it came from can be hard. I had some trouble finding it in the book again as I read a chunk of it before I got around to actually follow along in apex. For anyone else trying to locate it, it starts with a conversion of a spreadsheet to an apex application on page 26 in the book.

  4. Great! Thank you very much!

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