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Enable Enterprise Manager Express

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThere are many blogs about the product and so on. I want to recommend that you enable and give your developers access to it. Setting them up and getting them to scale the mountain of complexity that is the normal Enterprise Manager is probably not what you want to do. However, EM Express is a slimed down version focusing pretty much on just what a developer ought to care about, seeing the processes in the database and data about […]


Quick note on MT and applications

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesAre you using multi tenant with multiple containers and you’re not familiar with application containers? It allows you to set up PDBs that belong to a CDB-like PDB that “owns” them. With that you can install applications (database objects) in the container, and then decide into which PDB to install, upgrade or patch that particular application, So you could have an application that is a set of schemas with objects that belong together in a logical sense. Once you have […]