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Database is the marquee feature again

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesSo every year before and during Oracle Open World we all complain about how data and database is brushed to the side. This year it is the feature. It is the one thing the big sign on Moscone West screams. “The Autonomous Database” Here is a picture from showing it. It is all about database. Every year there is talk about how Oracle needs to return to data and databases. Now that they do, I think we should be […]

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OOW 2010 Develop Keynote

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesYes, this post is a little out of order as it clearly didn’t take place after the Thursday afternoon sessions. I missed it during the conference so I had to catch up on it later on the on demand site. I thought it was interesting enough to write up a few notes. It was held by Tom Kyte and the subject was “What’s new in database development”. It’d be more correct to say Oracle development than database development as […]

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OOW 2010 Thursday Afternoon

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesFor the afternoon I had two sessions I attended. The first was “Quantifying Oracle Performance” and the second was “The X-files – Managing exadata and highly available databases”. I anticipated both to be great and possible be among my favorites for the week. Unfortunately neither met my expectation, so this is going to be a fairly short post. The first one was “Quantifying Oracle Performance” with Craig Shallahamer, I have seen many presentations with Craig and he has always been […]

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OOW 2010 Thursday Morning

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThe day starts with a presentation b6 Tom Kyte about “What else can you do with system and session data”. Tom starts with reviewing the history of tuning an Oracle database. The prehistoric era (v5) required writeing debug code as that was the only way to get any information about what the code did. The dark ages followed (v6) and now Oracle introduces: Counters/ratios bstat/estat SQL Trace The first few (7?) v$-views are introduced In the renaissance era (v7) […]


OOW 2010 Wednesday Afternoon

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThe afternoon started off with a presentation on the result cache in 11G. It was held by Rob van Wijk. DB result cache is a cache for the resultset of a query or a plsql block. If the same query is executed again with the same parameters, then the code is not executed, the same resultset is sent back. There are two parameters that controls the result cache. result_cache_size_max_size result_cache_size_max_result Size is the size of the cache in bytes […]

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OOW 2010 Wednesday Morning

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesWednesday starts off with a presentation about a new feature in APEX 4.0 that I have not had a chance to look into. It is how you use and develop plugins. The presentation was held by Patrick Wolf who is also the developer of the plugin feature. Scott began by showing how a plugin is used (that is using a plugin compared to developing it). You install a plugin by selecting plugins in the shared components section, and then it […]


OOW 2010 Tuesday Afternoon

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThe afternoon had one of the sessions I knew I would enjoy the most before I even got here. It was Carly Millsaps “Thinking clearly about performance”. The reason I anticipated a great presentation is not just Carlys knowledge in the area, but also the fact that he is fast becoming the best presenter in the Oracle area. This presentation was no different, he covered a lot of topics and still made it seem like there ws no rush […]


OOW 2010 Tuesday Morning

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThe morning was kicked off with a presentation about new features with interactive reports in APEX 4.0. A demo shows how to create an icon enabled report for  basic product list report. Every product is represented by a picture in a grid that shpws a few images per “row”. A more detailed version of the icon view was also created where each row had a picture and a number of details about it on ever “row”. These are all […]

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OOW 2010 Monday Afternoon

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThe afternoon was kicked off with a presentation on using APEX in large projects by Dimitri Gielis. These re my notes for what Dimitri told us. Many people feels that APEX cannot be used for anything larger than a singe developers app.  Sumneva uses EC2 for both demo and development work with their clients. They have readymade scripts to create new projects that sets up filesystem directories, APEX application, and subversion. They’re finding that the agile project methodology works […]

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OOW 2010 Monday Morning

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThis will be a APEX only day. The day starts with two APEX 4.0 presentations. First up was a presentations about dynamic actions in APEX held by Anthony Raynor. Dynamic acttions is a declarative way (in 4.0) to use javascript to enhance clientside behavior of an APEX application. It is used for things such as disabling some fields on the page in some situations. Using it is done by defining four things: When Condition Action Affected elements For example […]